Based in South Somerset, Coppertop Cards was founded in 2018, and aims to bring joy all who recieve our products, by putting a smile on their beautiful faces with a hand lettered card for every occasion!


Susi Mount, of Coppertop Cards, lives with her husband, 2 teenage children and Luna the black lab, in stunning Somerset, and is incredibly passionate about beautiful design, and spreading love and happiness through her work.

Bringing your ideas to life in a simple and stylish way can lead to wonderfully thoughtful bespoke cards, which are often framed!

She is an avid lover of the seaside, and a true creative!

What we do:

Susi's love for hand lettering, paper and spreading happiness led to the founding of Coppertop Cards.

Why are greeting cards important?

How does it feel to receive a physical card in the post or by hand? Does it spark a little bit of joy and make you smile? This is exactly why we think sending greeting cards are still so important! Whether it's a birthday card, anniversary card, new home card or a just because card, our cards express all the human emotions and allow you to connect with people who have touched your life in an emotional and sometimes humorous way.

We also love creating hand lettered prints and you can find original watercolours in our shop too!

Susi's Picks: